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, no exception. see you tomorrow. gregg: texas governor rick perry suing to get on virginia's premarry ballot. the republican presidential candidate saying his exclusion from that contest actually robs the voters of the state for a chance to vote for their candidate of choice. good morning, everyone of the i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom.". >> i'm uma for martha maccallum gregg: for more own perry's efforts to overturn the decision. all eyes seem to be on iowa except rick perry's eyes focuses for the east coast. >> reporter: that's true, gregg. all the candidates crisscrossing the state of iowa in the homestretch for the iowa caucuses less than a week away now. look at the graphic which pinpoints the dizzying array of candidate stops in iowa. one candidate, texas governor rick perry of texas, turned his sights on the commonwealth of virginia where he and newt gingrich and three other candidates were excluded from the ballot because they did not get get the necessary 10,000 signatures to qualify. while newt gingrich likened it toe the pearl harbor attack, rick
congressman lamar smith, chairman. judiciary committee from texas, congressman issa from california, jason chaffetz and say that is not true. that attorney general eric holder has not been transparent or cooperative. in fact those e-mails we received on friday friday, that 1400 pages that dealt exclusively with production of one letter. leaders are saying they're not getting access to the line attorneys who ran the program and gang unit in washington that were aware of "wide receiver" and "fast and furious". we knew they were running guns in "wide receiver", if you will, and some are accused of not making the connection between these two operations were really associated. basically about 500 guns have been recovered. we are not getting specifics about when and how, what crimes were used with those guns. you have the theatrics of it, bill and martha. eric holder has been through this before. he is pretty good at doing this. and yet you have you poke the tiger so many times you will get a swat. at times he is seen as arrogant or dismissive. you have theatrics as well as substance what will b
, a shooting rampage in a quiet texas suburb, a family of seven found dead christmas night leaving a neighborhood in shock. >> there hasn't been any crime in this complex that they know of and not even a break-in. to hear something like this, this is shocking. >> just being quite terrified this could happen less than 25 feet from where you sleep. makes it harder they're having to go through that. it is such a special day, christmas to be about celebration and families and not having to deal with a tragedy like this. gregg: our fox fill at kdfw has that story. >> reporter: police working with the tarin county medical examiner's office to identify the victims. seven people found shot to death inside that apartment behind me. it appears they were celebrating christmas. there was wrapping paper still on the floor inside that apartment. police alert to all this someone inside the apartment called 911. not clear if it was one of the victims or perhaps the gunman but whoever called did not say a word. police rushed over to this suburban fort worth apartment complex but the doors were lock
perry, governor of texas. >> if i'm the president of the united states and i find out there is an operation like "fast and furious" and my attorney general didn't know about it, i would have him resign immediately. or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. i can go back and do gardening with comfort. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand. >> so we are awaiting now, a critical vote in congress to try to avoid the possible government shut down. house and senate leaders apparently striking a tentative deal last night on a $1 trillion spending bill. still up in the air the deal to extend the payroll tax cut for 160 million americans. orrin hatch, ranking member of the senate finance committee. senator, good morning to you. >> well, good morning to you. bill: can we take another trillion? >> that's what they have done. it is at least a trillion
but you're not a good driver if your wheels don't stick. that being noted. wet weather from eastern texas to the ohio valley, if that becomes cold you will have more slick roads. martha: look at those pictures. this is a tough one of the what about flights, mike? >> reporter: i guess that is the bright shining star in all of this. one of the good litmus tests we always look at is chicago's o'hare airport to see if there is ripple effect with flight delays. everything so far so good. everything is moving on time. martha: get the flight and get out of there and get out of the area if they want to get on time where they're headed. mike, thank you very much. >> reporter: you got it. martha: for the latest on the storm and forecast in your area go to foxnews.com. click on the weather tab. type in your zip code and get latest on region, bill hemmer. find out what is going on. bill: traveling right. brand new polling numbers now showing newt gingrich losing his frontrunner status, now in a dead-heat with mitt romney for the top slot in the race for the republican nomination. "washington post/abc
strongly. the justice department is investigating some states including texas that have passed these laws. he says this is not only a legal issue but a moral imperative. republicans on the other hand say, look at the kind of things we're all required to present our driver's license to do? get on an airplane. check into a hotel. sometimes to buy over-the-counter drugs. sometimes to get into a building with security. americans are required to provide driver's license all the time. why not voting? martha: seems quite logical that you would have to present a photo i.d. in order to match up with your name on the voter roles to go in and vote. a couple of other things he pointed out that raise some questions as well, byron. one of the things he singled out this litigation in florida over a new state law that restrictions availability of early voting including banning it on sundays before election day when according to these reports black churches traditionally follow services with get-out-the-vote efforts to go, right after church. let's go orally vote together. why would that be banned in flor
in his home state of texas, austin, today. good morning to you. bit of a surprise reaction. what do you mean? how do they get out of this? >> i was asked to comment on "the wall street journal" editorial on the subject and i think the journal caught it right. republicans are finding themselves in a place where they look like they're opposed to keeping a tax cut in place and in favor of letting tax rice. let's step back. this is political maneuver by the president. it is political maneuver by harry reid. we have to tip the hat to cynical, political effort that they have undertaken to jam the republicans, to basically give them a bill that is unacceptable and depart town. the republicans in the house are in a place where they have got two choices. they can stand firm on principle and say this is bad for american working people, bad for the economy. just to have a two-month extension. we ought to have a year-long extension and look bad because it ain't going to get extended. the taxes will go up january 1 and president and democrats will blame them. ordinary working man and woman will say,
america, kinda. i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. bill: houston, we've got a problem, a big problem. there's a report saying that nasa has lost or misplaced hundreds of lunar rocks and space samples. hard to find a space sample because it is a sample of space and the audit, that was a joke. suggesting many more could be missing. agency regularly loans out samples to researchers, some whom keep them for years. nasa is committed to protecting our space artifacts. look to see new recommendations in place for nasa for items like these in the years to come. martha: there is big daily fee likely blairry book. bill: there is? martha: if you have a space stuff out too long you get a big fine when you return it. keep that in mind. bill: you said there was a moon rock at my apartment? come over to check it out. martha: just
. police questioning a group of hunters. two students shot outside their texas middle school. police suspect the kids rather the kids may have been hit by stray rounds from hunting fields nearby. >>> seattle police using pepper spray and flash grenades to disperse occupy protesters who blocked the entrance to the port of seattle. many arrests were made after the group blocked nearby tracks as well. >> flight attendants are not happy with alec baldwin. they are asking to ban "30 rock" from all future flights. he was thrown off last weekend for refusing to turn off his phone. martha: that is only place i can watch tv. bill: you saw him on "saturday night live." he was playing a game for smart people. only baldwin. martha: all right. well it's a tense situation that is moments away on capitol hill, folks. former senator jon corzine, back on the hill. he is going to testify for the second time in just five days on one of the biggest wall street meltdowns in history. you can bet he probably just rather would be about anywhere than where he is going to be because he will be in front of the
to an inch or two. rain into parts of florida, north florida. places like texas, and new mexico getting snow. we saw winter storm warnings. some places have soon a whole foot of snow already and other places will likely see another six to 12 inches. along i-25 and along i-10 seeing some snow along the el paso area. if you want a white christmas looks like you might have to go to places like texas. that is where the snow is. you might expect to see places like fargo with snow? none at all. that is all we have in the northeast. not happening across the northeast. bad news for the ski areas. gregg, people plan ski trips between christmas and new year's, no-go around the east. gregg: kind of missing that one substance you really need. rick reichmuth. thanks very much. julie: well new poll out over the "fast and furious" scandal, the botched gun tracking operation linked to the death of a border agent. in a telephone town hall presidential candidate newt gingrich telling iowa voters he called for attorney general eric holder to step down a year ago. gingrich saying "fast and furious" began as an
decided it will take up that case as well. so you've got healthcare, texas redistricting, several political cases, the supreme court will decide. martha: that is all going to weigh on people's minds as they go to the polls and think about the next president of the united states or whether the president will be reelected. gregg: as the president starts commenting the democratic party turning to newt gingrich instead of focusing on mitt romney. they released a web video blasting gingrich calling him the original tea partier. >> i'm newt gingrich, general chairman of american solutions. i'll invite you to a party, a tea party. gregg: well a spokesman for the newt gingrich campaign saying it's nice of the democrats to recognize newt's conservative efforts. martha. martha: mitt romney sitting down with fox news just a little while ago speaking one-on-one about the surge of his biggest competitor, newt gingrich. here is what he had to say. >> people will get a chance to see us over the coming months, look ot our records and experience. if the final analysis i think i'll be the guy that
." we have congressman kevin brady from texas. afsenator chris coons will respond to speaker boehner's request that the democrats in the senate get back to work. fair and balanced always on this issue. we'll have a lot coming up. how about this? if you're looking at your 401(k) this morning you may be smiling. look at the dow yesterday. spiked more than 300 points. the best showing that we have seen this month. a little bit of a christmas present for everybody there. can you believe it really all has to do with what is going on in europe. more than what is going on here at home. fox business's stuart varney. why do we care at this point? >> what the europeans did over there today will help our economy over here tomorrow. what they did there today is exactly like what we did here three years ago, only bigger. here's the story. 523 european banks have asked for and received a half trillion euros. that money can now be used to bail out the very desperate italians and spanish. they have got a european tarp in place. they have got the money. so the bottom line, martha, is that they steppe
is in washington. this start the with what the fort hood in texas? >> reporter: yes, bill. according to testimony obtained by fox, it may be manifesting itself in two distinct ways. first insider threat. the case often cited the case of major nidal hasan, from fort hood and killed 13 and injuried dozens more because he didn't believe military service could not be reconciled with invading muslim countries. >> they are symbols of american power. symbols of american might. if they can be killed then that is a great propaganda victory for al qaeda. >> reporter: two seattle, washington men and are often cited as the second example, the outsider threat. the men allegedly plotted attack a military installation near fort lewis in washington and using handguns and grown unaids. there have been six documented plots to target bases. bill: what is driving this, catherine? is there something we don't know about the increase on the threat? >> reporter: the driver here really is the web. it is often referred to as the digital jihad. extremists don't need to travel overseas and they can connect with like minded
: all candidates were inch vieded to the trump debate. jon huntsman has declined and ron paul the texas congressman. the only two candidates who have yet to come to new york to kiss the donald's ring, ron paul explained his problem with donald trump. >> one of the concerns that i had was really how he was treating the republican party in iowa. he didn't treat hem well because he had agreed to come to their biggest fund-raiser of the year because he was talking about running, when he changed his mind about running, they canceled the event. i don't understand the marching to his office. i didn't know that he had an ability to lay on hands, you know, and anoint people. bill: ron paul has a way of thinking things. trump said, few people sake ron paul certificat seriously and many of his views and presentation presentation make him a shroupb-like candidate. martha: john huntsman says he will also not be taking part in that. we will talk to him in a couple of minutes about some of the criticism against him in that regard. bill: looking very much forward to that. in the meantime would he have
's lawsuit against the state of virginia after the texas governor was left off the primary ballots there. a hearing inside a richmond federal courtroom about to take place. patti ann: plus if you thought black friday was bad, we'll tell you why church and community leaders are calling on nike and one nba legend after violent mobs break out across the country over a sneaker. gregg: at the top of the hour in virginia there's a hearing in rick perry's lawsuit over the commonwealth's legislation laws. the presidential candidate left off virginia's primary ballot after state officials said he failed to submit enough valid signatures. peter doocy is live from washington. peter, which part of the virginia state law is perry challenging here? >> reporter: the part where all the campaign workers who collect the 10,000 signatures you need have to be either eligible or registered voters in virginia. the perry campaign doesn't think that is very fair to out-of-state candidates with out-of-state employees the candidate himself said late last night since only romney and paul are going to be on the bal
and lifestyles magazine. she was severely injured after getting off a small plane in texas. the whirling prop manning link the left side of this woman's body. >> i asked her if she could hear me, if she could hear me to squeeze my hand and she did. >> moving around in the bed, which is really good. she is uncomfortable but moving, which is a good thing. >> this is a longtime friend of the family acting as a spokesperson. janae good to have you here. she was in for a cat scan, how is lauren doing? >> she is in for the cat scan right now. i had the opportunity to see her ten minutes ago. god is just doing great things. she was responsive, and obviously is in a lot of pain, but she is every day progressing and we are grateful for that. martha: tell us the background. what happened? what was she doing in the plane? u know, whayou know, what do we know about exactly what happened. >> absolutely. she was out touring christmas lights. she came back down, the plane was going to pick up somebody else. what we are speculating happened is she went back to thank the pilot, that's just who lauren is and i
is popular there but the texas congressman responding to harsh words from his rivals mitt romney, michele bachmann among others saying paul will not be the nominee. newt gingrich says he wouldn't even vote for him. doug wead is a senior advisor to ron paul. he has been with him in iowa but happens to be in d.c. today. doug, thanks for being with us. >> gregg, good to see you. gregg: congressman paul is being criticized by his rivals and others among other things, claiming america to blame for 9/11, condemning killings of bin laden and al waa lucky and blaming the u.s. for provoking iran's nuclear program. are those views of mr. paul contrary to what most americans think? >> i think they would be if those were truly his sentiments. a lot of what he says and believes is misrepresented. he believes strongly in the constitution and that if we want to go to war, let's grow to war. he voted in favor of going after osama bin laden and he supported israel in 1981. gregg: he opposed to assassination though. >> he opposed, he opposed way the assassination was conducted. he felt it should have been
in america. this pipeline, which starts in canada, ends up in port arthur, texas, in houston where it is made into gasoline, jet fuel and the like. so this is important. it creates a lot of jobs. all along the way. this is a shovel-ready job, shovel-ready project that should be approved forthwith. bill: what do you see as the endgame, senator. you have a deadline of friday afternoon or friday evening. are you going to go past that? >> i don't think so. i think what happens is the continuing resolution expires, you're right on friday which means we have to pass an appropriation bill, omnibus appropriation bill which has bipartisan support. i saw congressman moran over in the house from virginia saying, you know, we have republicans and democrats agreeing to this bill but now we're being told by harry reid and the president don't cooperate with republicans to get it done but i think after a little bit of drama this thing will break through here and hopefully we'll find a way out. bill: everybody can go home and we've gotten used to the drama and we heard speaker boehner say a moment ago he plan
this morning on that horrific christmas shooting in texas that left a family of seven dead. investigators say that the victims identities, they will likely be released today. now the shooter who was a member of the family, allegedly opened fire just after everyone opened their presents and then turned gun on himself. we are told he was wearing a santa outfit. no word yet on the motive. gregg: a heart-breaking end to the search for a missing girl in indiana. police finding the body of aliahana lemon after the suspect told them where she was ending any hope that the 9-year-old could be alived. adding to the heartbreak, the suspect was considered a family friend. he was baby sitting her and her two sisters when she vanished. >> this is the individual that she had been living with for the last week. he was friends of the family. many different interviews. we can't say too much more right now but it was third interview detectives and fbi and fbi did an excellent job talking to him and getting him to work with them and bring us to the conclusion we've come to. gregg: david lee miller has more from
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